Death Certificates

Under North Carolina Law, (NCGS 130A-115 (a)A death certificate for each death which occurs in this State shall be filed with the local registrar of the county in which the death occurred within five days after the death.

- Certified Copies of the Death Certificate are obtained through the Register of Deeds in the county of death, currently they are $10 per certified copy.

- Certified copies are always available, most families will order 4-10 copies initially.

- Certified copies will be needed to start the estate process, to claim life insurance benefits, annuities, stocks/bonds, etc.

- We do everything we can to obtain certified copies for our families as quickly as possible, as we realize they are needed to start any legal process.  Sometimes, obtaining certified copies may be delayed due to physician signing, or the Register of Deeds office closed due to Federal Holiday.

- If more copies are needed outside of the initial order, they can be obtained by calling the funeral home, or going to the Register of Deeds office (for immediate family members), and requesting copies.