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Fannie “Lou” Hunt Murray (January 26, 1941 – November 29, 2023) is finally at peace, dancing in the arms of her late husband, Norman Murray. Though, the streets of gold may be a problem, considering this woman really loved silver; however, the pearly gates fit her beloved color scheme of life. Everything was black, white, grey, and silver…apart from that one crazy peacock Christmas tree!! If you know, you know. Sarah Barton, remain on standby as she may require your assistance redecorating the gold scheme with a little help from her favs - Hobby Lobby, HGTV, and of course her all-time fav – The Flower Patch.

Right after she finishes that first dance, she is headed straight over to see her son Scott Hunt. She hasn’t seen him in so long. I wonder if Scott and Sharon will share a dance at the same time. What a sight that would be for Samantha Salas and Stefanie Hunt. Mom and Dad reunited with Mama nearby, the way Christmas used to be. Teresa and Michael Hunt will join in this harmonious reunion one day and hearts will be full.

Moving on, I bet she goes hunting for her parents, Fred and Mable Latta, better known as “Ma and Pa.” They will spend hours planting and pruning flowers and talking about the greenhouses, while "Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On" is playing in the background. You all know that her sister Wanda Stallings can’t wait to get there to join in. After the flowers are planted, she is going to find her brother, Norman Latta, so she can give him a hard time. I imagine he is driving a school bus and that she is going to get on to pester him, but she needs to be careful. He may kick her off like he did when she and Wanda were kids.

Who’s next you may wonder. Without a doubt it would be Barbara Jean Teasley (also known as BJ - also known as the greatest comedian to ever grace this Earth). Those two are cutting up and sharing hot dogs and a glass or two of wine. I wish I could be there to hear what comes out of their mouths!! I guess that Polly Russell (the third Stooge) is going to have to help me continue that hot dog tradition. I’ll be sure to bring Miller Lite and French onion dip.

What a joyous reunion. She’ll throw a Vegas-themed party for her arrival and have a feast to go along with it. Meatballs, cashews, green beans, pound cake. Don’t worry, she’ll have Wanda send up some banana pudding and potato salad too. There will be music as Norman and his band perform “When the storm passes by.” I bet Elvis makes an appearance (watch out Norman – apparently, he is a good kisser). A party wouldn’t be complete without a fancy gift basket with cheese, crackers, wine, pepper jelly, and more. Amanda Valmassoi, she’ll send one your way too just like the good ole days.

Gordon Lemons and Helen Coston will surely be on the invite list as well. It will be, and I quote, the “bomb-dignity.”

When the party is over, she will settle into her new way of life. Now that she is no longer in pain or needs Anne Wilder to change her sensor, her wit and humor have returned. Katie Stovall and Debbie Denson, I guarantee you she is taking hula classes every day and finally getting that real tattoo! However, there is NO way that she lost any of that stubbornness. I sure hope her hairstylist and nail technician can live up to the high standards Joann Thomas and Cindy Norton set, or they are in for it!

Christmas was always her favorite season, so what a beautiful time to enter those pearly gates. She is now cozy in her new home with 1000 Christmas trees perfectly decorated with beautifully wrapped gifts underneath. One for Dylan, one for Cameron, one for Taylor, one for Lexi, one for Nikki, and one for Eli. Green beans are in the pressure cooker, Johnny Mathis is playing in the background, cinnamon and mulberry candles are burning, Russian tea is on the stove, and the gas logs are on. She is surrounded by some of her favorite angels, and she is learning how to provide a little extra protection for all her “babies.” Rebecca, she is so proud of you. Levi, you will always have a very special place in her heart. Luke and Bailey, she simply adores you both. And Dylan Herndon, she thinks you are so handsome. You have gained another guardian angel, and her love runs deep.

Dylan Hunt, Mama loves you so much and believes in you. Cameron, Mama may have hated your tattoos, but she loves you and your passion for art. Taylor, Mama admires your heart of gold and wicked dance moves. Lexi, Mama loves that you are strong willed, just like your mom. Nikki, you remind Mama of your granddad, Scott so much. Eli, Mama thinks you were the cutest thing ever.

With love, humility, and a little holiday spirit

Yours truly,


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