Shucheng Liu

Memorial Service

2:00 pm
Saturday, December 3, 2022
Walkers Funeral Home of Chapel Hill
120 W. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

Obituary of Shucheng Scott Liu

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Dr. Shucheng Scott Liu of Chapel Hill, NC died at Duke Hospital, surrounded by his family in the early hours of November 21, 2022 at the age of 65 years old.

Shucheng is survived by his wife, Dr. Jingsheng Jeannette Song; his two children, Peter and Daphne Liu; his daughter-in-law, Ivy Yao; and his siblings Shumin (older brother), Shurong (younger sister), and Shumao (younger brother) Liu and their spouses.

Shucheng was born on April 24, 1957 in a small village in Gaoliu, Jiangsu, China to Yushan Liu and Fangcai Hu. From a young age, he was studious and intellectually curious, always looking for more to learn. He graduated at the top of his high school, and in 1978, after college admissions restarted following the end of the Cultural Revolution, he entered the prestigious Nanjing University to study mathematics. In 1982, he began studying for his master’s degree in operations research at the Institute of Applied Mathematics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After graduation, he worked at the same institute as a researcher and participated in the feasibility study of the Three Gorges Dam project. While at the academy, he met his classmate and future wife, Jingsheng Song. She was smitten by his intellect and humor, and he was attracted by her authenticity and warmth. The two married in 1985 in Beijing, then moved the following year to the United States to begin PhD programs. In 1991, the two graduated from their respective PhD programs.

Shucheng obtained a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Columbia University in New York City. After graduating, he began his lifelong career in investment risk and return analysis in the Research and Development Division at MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International, Inc.), specializing in portfolio optimization and rising to the title of Executive Director. He also held a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certificate. He retired in October 2021 due to his illness.

In addition to his illustrious career, Shucheng was renowned for his broad interests and encyclopedic knowledge about everything from poetry to tax law. He was an avid card player and generous gardener, sharing his yearly bountiful harvest with neighbors and friends. He loved maps and travel (but hated walking), and drove the family across the United States twice. During his life, he visited 43 US states and 21 countries.

Shucheng passed away peacefully after a long battle with ALS. He will be remembered as a loving husband and dependable father, someone who always had a proverb to relate to any situation and a smile on his face and a joke to tell whatever the circumstance.

A memorial service is scheduled for 2:00 PM, Saturday, December 3, 2022 at Walker’s Funeral Home in Chapel Hill, NC. Flowers and condolences can be sent to Walker's Funeral Home of Chapel Hill, 120 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516, Phone: (919) 942-3861.







Chinese Translation:



树成1957年4月24日生于中华人民共和国江苏省徐卅市新沂县高流镇三岔村三岔淹庄;父亲刘玉山,母亲胡方才;兄妹四人,排行老二。 树成自幼聪慧,勤奋刻苦求学。在恢复高考后, 于1978年考入南京大学数学系,1982年考入中国科学院应用数学研究所攻读硕士,1985年毕业后留所工作,从事运筹学理论与应用研究,参与三峡工程的可行性论证。在研究生期间,结识了未来的妻子/同窗, 宋京生女士;她被他的睿智与幽默所吸引,他被她的单纯和善良所打动,二人于1985年在京结婚并于来年一同赴美攻读博士学位。

树成于1991年获取哥伦比亚大学工业工程与运筹学博士学位,之后开启了他近三十年投资风险与回报分析软件系统以及指数(index)研究与开发的职业生涯,主攻投资组合优化,持有美国特许金融分析师证书(CFA),曾任美国摩根士丹利资本国际 (MSCI) 研究开发部执行董事,于2021年10 月因病退休。




妻子宋京生博士携儿子刘红博,女儿刘红晓,儿媳妇姚莹 泣告。

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Walker's Funeral Home of Chapel Hill, 120 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516, Phone: (919) 942-3861.

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