Francois Deprez

Obituary of Francois Deprez

The most interesting man in the world has progressed to his next adventure. 

If you knew Francois Deprez, you are already nodding your head.  He had more passions than most people have problems: music, petanque, photography, woodworking, sailing, cooking, politics and rustling up roadside treasures.  His premier passion was his wife Christina and the two beautiful boys they raised at the Inn of Bingham School. 

His feats are legendary: sailing across oceans, barehand rock climbing, building marvels of engineering.  He rarely sat still and was always involved in a project, whether it be his own or someone else's.  He was a master at enlisting helpers, but there were always rules and procedures to be followed!  His long list of regulations, while sometimes perplexing, always served a purpose to the end.  Better yet, his rules provided endless hours of smirking, eye-rolling, and giggling amongst the helpers.  His life had a soundtrack, and if you want to dial in, channel some Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Dolly Parton or any jam band live shows.  While you areat it, sneak in some taping equipment.  Francois woud approve.  He was the most consummate host.  Francois took tremendous joy in entertaining and generally being involved with people... all kinds of people.  Everyone loved Francois Deprez. 

He spoke several languages fluently, never met a stranger, watched the sun come up, made his own wine, knew all the skinnydipping holes.  And that was just in his spare time.  No detail was overlooked in his mission to pack as much into his life experiences as possible.  The man never left anything on the table... until now. 

He has left the woman he loved with every atom of his being, Christina; and his sons, Zinho and Loften, who are the taller handsome replicas of the mighty man who brought them to this party.  Francois will be missed every single day.  In lieu of flowers, please buy someone a Dos Equis.  

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