Thomas Walter Amstadt

Thomas Walter Amstadt, 34 of Mebane died on April 10, 2018 at his residence. He was born in Skokie, Illinois on January 9, 1984.

He is survied by his parents, Walter and Mary Amstadt of Mebane, one brother Joseph Amstadt of Illinois, Grandmother, Marget Siegel of Mebane and Grandfather, Joseph Amstadt of Rock Hill, SC.

Tom loved his family. Family was everything to him. Even though he knew he hurt us he never stopped loving and caring. Knowing he hurt us made it that much harder to forgive himself. He lived life on his terms and had some heavy burdens because of it.

His one solace in life was his music. He was comfortable playing any kind of music and whatever notes he put together. He loved to compose and just play the piano. It was the one thing that took him away from what was bothering him. Music was his constant in life. If he wasn’t making the music, he was listening to it. His music playlist was so varied and vast. We never knew what we would be hearing, but he was happy with that.

Working on cars was his other hobby. He worked on them as well as worked in an Auto Parts Store and had his ASE Parts Specialist certificate. Customer Service wasn’t easy for him, it was hard for him with his depression (just one more battle), but he did it. He had a way of finding things that other people couldn’t, it was a knack that he had. He usually didn’t give up on the challenge.

He fought a hard battle against the mental illness and addictions of his life. He was an advocate to those in the same situation. He would see someone he didn’t know and stop him and tell them better days were ahead and keep their chin up and fight. An addict can spot another addict instantly. Addicts hate their lives, but addiction takes over. He lost friends to the same demons. If you were a friend of Tom’s, it was for life and he was loyal. He never backed down from the fight, but the fight finally won.

Tom never burdened people with his problems, but he listened to everyone else and took that weight on his shoulders. He always had an open ear to anyone who wanted to talk. He may not have answered or said much, but he was there to listen.

Last but not least he was proud to serve his country, but embarrassed by the way it ended. He always said he wished it had been different. Once more the battle won, but he kept on going.

Now he can rest. He will be deeply missed and was sorely loved. Our hearts are broken, and our minds are racing with would of, could of and should of. But what is done is done and we will continue to remember him happy in his music.

A memorial service was held on Monday April 16, 2018 in Walker's Funeral Home Chapel of Mebane with Rev. Darrell Probst officiating.

Walker's Funeral Home of Mebane is entrusted with caring for the Amstadt family.